thank you very much

Armelle, I would like to sincerely thank you for working with me to find the job I needed. I really appreciated your professionalism, your knowledge of your hotel clients, your frankness and your ability to listen. I was bluffed by the fact that you knew from the outset that it would work out, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will recommend you with my eyes closed. Thank you very much.

Marianne HB. - 14/12/2023

Professional support

Professional support from start to finish of the recruitment process! I can't recommend it enough!

Julien R. - 12/12/2023

caring and professional

Many thanks to Madame Auguste for her kindness and professionalism.

Carole V. - 10/12/2023

Very efficient office, attentive, followed up on the application.

Very efficient office, attentive to the needs of the applicant.

Julien D. - 17/11/2023

I recommend Armelle Auguste's professionalism and responsiveness.

Recruitment via Armelle Auguste Recruitment for a position in the hotel industry. Initial contact, first interview, monitoring of the process and also during the trial period. I recommend Armelle Auguste's professionalism and responsiveness.

Johanna B. - 26/10/2023

very attentive and friendly

Hello everyone! It was a pleasant experience despite some initial apprehension...which I think is normal. Armelle is a very sympathetic and friendly person.

Loïc C. - 18/10/2023

I am delighted

By working with this recruitment agency, I was able to find a job and sign a contract in just 1 week. I am delighted to have worked with Armelle.

Pauline V. - 08/10/2023

excellent support

Very good recruitment agency specialising in the hotel and catering industry. Very professional, excellent support with transparency and follow-up for the candidate during the recruitment process. I highly recommend them!

Caroline C. - 11/09/2023

Excellent service

Excellent service, doesn't give you a job but THE perfect job!

Stéphane M. - 08/09/2023

Transparent selection process

Professional team who took my experience and aspirations into account. Transparent selection process. Gives you confidence for interviews with potential employers. The follow-up and approach is personalised throughout the process. Would recommend.

Lotfi H. - 29/08/2023

Very responsive agency!

Very responsive agency! Thank you for your support! I would recommend

Cindy B. - 21/08/2023

Thank you to Madame Auguste for her kindness

Thank you to Madame Auguste for her kindness and professionalism. Thanks to her efficiency, I was able to take up a position as reception manager.

Marie E. - 11/08/2023

Excellent experience

Benjamin L. - 07/08/2023

very responsive!

Professional, attentive and very responsive!

Jade M. - 05/07/2023

A human approach

A human and professional approach. Madame Auguste was always available. She was able to match my profile with my skills and personality to the right job. Many thanks. I look forward to continuing my career. Camille

Camille Q. - 09/07/2023

The work is efficient and fast!

Armelle Auguste is a true professional and a very good person. Her work is efficient and fast! I'd really recommend her firm for job-hunting, as she works with very serious and professional companies. Don't hesitate, go for it!

Lounès R. - 18/04/2023

I really enjoyed the interview

Exceptional efficiency and follow-up. Armelle Auguste assists both employers and candidates. I really enjoyed the interview and the very quick feedback. Thank you

S. MA - 16/04/2023

Many thanks to Madame AUGUSTE

A big thank you to Mrs Auguste for her follow-up and professionalism.

Noémie C. - 16/01/2023

Support that's much appreciated

Follow-up more than appreciated without being intrusive! I recommend 😊 ...

Stéphane T. - 30/11/2022

a real follow-up

Very professional with real follow-up Offers quality jobs

Asmaa G. - 18/11/2022

Speed, efficiency and responsiveness

Speed, efficiency and responsiveness are the key words that define Armelle Auguste Recruitment! A firm that manages recruitment perfectly and enables professionals (both employers and employees) to find the right person for the job. We offer perfect follow-up and responsiveness, putting companies and candidates in touch with each other while perfectly targeting the expectations and desires of each party. Visited in November 2022

Maxime L. - 09/11/2022

Very professional

Very professional. They found the establishment that matched my criteria!

Phlippe P. - 29/10/2022

Modern, efficient and personalised service

Very good management of my recruitment. Modern, efficient and personalised service. Thank you Madame Auguste!

M.W. - 04/09/2022

This firm is exceptional

A profession is first and foremost about people who love their work. This firm is exceptionally professional and caring. Thank you for your follow-up and support, which enabled me to go through with my recruitment. I recommend them without reservation.

J.T. - 09/08/2022

I really enjoyed our interview and the rapid feedback that followed.

Mrs Auguste is exceptionally efficient. She wastes no time in getting to the heart of the matter and is very kind in her support for both employers and candidates. I really enjoyed our interview and the rapid feedback that followed. Thank you so much.

M.P. - 21/07/2022

I would highly recommend

Armelle is very professional. She supports us throughout the interviews and even afterwards. I highly recommend her recruitment agency.

Laëtitia D. - 18/05/2022

Great experience

Great experience, very good communication; Armelle Auguste is very understanding, clear and kind! Thank you for your efforts! I would recommend

Margot G. - 04/05/2022

real professionals

Very good, attentive recruitment agency with real professionals.

Jean-François G. - 03/04/2022

A huge thank you and well done to Armelle Auguste!

Employers looking for the ideal Hotel Manager? Are you looking for a position of responsibility in your field? Look no further, the Armelle Auguste recruitment agency takes care of everything! Madame Auguste will provide you with personalised support from A to Z! She has a good dose of humanism, a great sense of professionalism and unrivalled responsiveness! She'll know how to match your profile to the job that's right for you, and her assessment tests will put you in perfect contact with the employer! A huge thank you and a big well done to Armelle Auguste!

Jérôme P. - 28/03/2022

Excellent follow-up

Excellent contact with Mme Auguste, I received excellent support in my search and her responsiveness enabled me to find a job quickly. Nothing to complain about, a top team.

Laurent T. - 09/03/2022

Thank you Armelle for your kindness

Thank you Armelle for your kindness and professionalism. You were able to find me the right job at the right time in my life, as a chef in Noirmoutier and in a company where I think I'll be able to express my knowledge. I'd highly recommend Armelle to all employers and candidates too, you'll get a tailor-made service. Thank you and I, Stéphane Ory, give you 10 out of 10 and more.

Stéphane O. - 13/02/2022

I recommend this agency

Thank you for the position of Chef & Restaurant Manager, a new challenge and a new life, a very good recruitment agency, responsive and well looked after. I recommend this agency, Mr Manuel Pereira.

Manuel P. - 14/01/2022

Really very satisfied

I'm really pleased with the work done by Madame Auguste and her team. It was only after a self-evaluation and an interview with Madame Auguste that I was able to appreciate the efficiency of the whole team. Thank you all for your professionalism.

Camille F. - 12/01/2022

Just perfect

Just perfect

Katya B. - 10/11/2021

Availability and responsiveness

Thank you to Madame Auguste, she's always available and very responsive! Always ready to listen. I would recommend her 100%.

Isabelle S. - 04/11/2021

Very attentive

Very attentive and very present! Thank you so much!

Marlène D. - 09/11/2021

Very regular follow-up

Very regular, personalised and professional follow-up.

Jerrick S. - 06/10/2021

Efficient and responsive

Very efficient and responsive!

Maxime F. - 03/06/2021

Excellent follow-up

Very good contact with Armelle Auguste Recruitment, attentive and very professional. Excellent follow-up. I recommend them with enthusiasm.

Guillaume K. - 15/05/2021

Support, follow-up, quality and results

I had the opportunity to have a video interview with Ms Auguste 1 week ago about a vacancy. As the position was below my level, Madame Auguste approached the establishment in question for a higher position. As a result, after a face-to-face meeting with the hotel manager, I received my promise of employment today and signed my contract on Tuesday. I highly recommend her service. Support, follow-up, quality and results are the words to describe this recruitment agency. There are many out there, but very few of this quality! Thank you Madame Auguste! 🙏

Charley G. - 02/06/2021

Efficacité et réactivité

Très efficace et réactive !

Maxime F. - 03/06/2021

Excellent suivi

Très bon contact avec Armelle Auguste Recrutement, a l'écoute et très professionnel. Ainsi qu'un excellent suivi. Je recommande avec enthousiasme.

Guillaume K. - 15/05/2021

Accompagnement, suivi, qualité et résultat

J'ai eu l'occasion d'avoir un entretien visio avec Madame Auguste il y a 1 semaine concernant un poste à pourvoir. Celui-ci étant en dessous de mes compétences, Madame Auguste a sollicité l'établissement en question pour un poste supérieur. Résultat, après un entretien physique avec la directrice de l'Hôtel, j'ai reçu ma promesse d'embauche aujourd'hui et signe mon contrat mardi. Je recommande fortement sa prestation. Accompagnement, suivi, qualité et résultat sont les mots pour décrire ce cabinet de recrutement. Il en existe beaucoup, mais très peu de cette qualité! Merci Madame Auguste! 🙏

Charley G. - 02/06/2021

Kindness and support

I would like to recommend and thank Mme Auguste for her professionalism, friendliness and comprehensive support.

Carla F. - - 02/05/2021

Excellent recruitment agency

Excellent recruitment agency, top availability despite the health situation.

David E. - 12/04/2021

Professional and responsive

Professional, responsive and a great listener. I would highly recommend her, knowing that she adapts easily to the candidate's wishes. Thank you Armelle

Seni B. - 09/04/2021

Very good contact

Very good contact, good listening skills and very professional ... I recommend it.

Christophe D. - 08/12/2020

Seriousness and professionalism

A very serious and professional recruitment agency. Thank you to Mme Auguste for her attentiveness and expertise.

Lucas K. - 14/02/2021

Attention to detail and efficiency

Professionalism, attention to detail and efficiency. Thank you Armelle Auguste.

Jean-Pierre C. - 18/02/2021

Available and attentive

A recruitment agency that's always available and ready to listen to your professional projects, so you can have confidence in its team.

Cyril S. - 09/02/2021

Precision in the search of profiles!

An excellent job of recruiting staff so that we can offer them to the right establishments. Excellent research into the personalities of both the candidates and the establishments recruiting them, which makes for a good 'match' between the two. Professionalism that lives up to the reputation of H Recrutment's experience.

Benjamin F. - 10/02/2021

Head Chef

I was contacted by Hrecrutement about a job as a chef. I really appreciated the follow-up and all the information provided by Madame Auguste. I wasn't selected by the hotel this time, but given the seriousness of the recruiter, I think I'll have opportunities.

Franck C. - 03/10/2020