I would recommend you 200%

Thank you Armelle for your follow-up and your investment in our search for collaborators. I will not hesitate to call on your services again and I will recommend you to 200% of my friends and family. Thank you again!

amal B. - 11/12/2023

Serious and efficient

Serious and efficient firm, 2 successful recruitments.

Bruno P. - 19/11/2023

My new recruitment weapon!

Listening Intelligence Speed Efficiency My new recruitment weapon!

Gaëtan G. - 08/09/2023

Attention to detail

The experience with Armelle AUGUSTE Recruitment was very pleasant with Armelle AUGUSTE who is professional, who has an eye for detail, which makes all the difference, great responsiveness and remarkable efficiency. I highly recommend her.

Thomas P. - 07/08/2023

super responsive and efficient!

Armelle is super responsive and efficient! Her experience in the field shines through in her analysis and choices, which is quite rare in her sector. I recommend her 100%!

Michèle D. - 03/08/2023

She was able to find the right profiles in record time!

Armelle Auguste helped us recruit an Operations Manager for our establishment. She found the right profiles in record time! A great service and a job well done, well done to you. And thank you again... We highly recommend this recruitment agency. Une bonne prestation et une mission accomplie, bravo à vous. Et merci encore... Nous recommandons fortement cette agence de recrutement.

Patrick N. - 14/05/2023

Second mission... Another success!

Second mission... Another success! Reactivity, efficiency, what a time-saver so necessary during these periods when the time spent on recruitment prevents us from doing our real job as hotel managers. Welcoming and satisfying our customers! Thank you Madame Auguste

Marc C. - 12/04/2023

A good service and a mission accomplished

Armelle Auguste helped us through a difficult recruitment process and found us the right profiles. A good service and a job well done, well done to you.

CS - 30/03/2023


Efficient and professional

Sofian B. - 19/02/2023

Very satisfied

We were very satisfied with the services provided by Ms Auguste.

Edouard B. - 11/01/2023

very responsive

Real guidance and support, personalised follow-up and very responsive. Many thanks Armelle!

CHR - 11/12/2022

Efficient, pleasant and relevant.

Working with Armelle AUGUSTE is professional, efficient, pleasant and relevant. Unpretentious and discreet, she quickly grasps the need and knows how to respond. She checks in with us at every stage, gets back to us after each meeting and reminds us if we forget. It's very reassuring. Armelle is a real Swiss army knife when it comes to recruitment, and we'll knock on her door again with our eyes closed.

Aurélia V. - 01/11/2022

Many thanks for your professionalism.

You responded to my request; you found a solution to my needs; you reacted quickly to our emergency! This is our experience with Armelle Auguste's recruitment agency. Many thanks for your professionalism.

Marc C. - 28/10/2022

two successful recruitments!

We had the opportunity to work with Armelle Auguste twice. Ultimately, two successful recruitments! Moreover, several applications, all carefully studied with a precise report on the strengths and areas for improvement of the candidates. We wholeheartedly recommend the firm. We will also have the opportunity to work together again, I'm sure.

E..B. - 03/10/2022

your kindness and your follow-up during the recruitment process particularly caught my attention

THANK YOU, Armelle! You have been attentive to our needs and understood the operational challenges for the sought-after leadership position. In addition, your kindness and follow-up during the recruitment process particularly caught my attention.

C.J. - 03/09/2022

Very good recruitment firm

Very good recruitment firm. We were in a hurry, and qualitative CVs were quickly sent to us, resulting in a quality hire.

Hôtel le BH - 02/09/2022

Very good follow-up!

Very good follow-up! Armelle has been attentive to our needs for this strategic leadership position and understands the operational challenges. THANK YOU immensely for your help and support. OHM

Corinne J. - 31/08/2022

Professional and efficient!

The joy of finding our head waiter thanks to Armelle Auguste. Professional and efficient. Thank you!

Benoit A. - 22/07/2022

We would never have found someone so quickly if we had searched on our own.

A big thank you for your professionalism, rigour in your processes, and unwavering efficiency! Search, presentation of candidates, selection, interview, and validation of our chef in 1 week, he met all our requirements! We would never have found someone so quickly if we had searched on our own. In these challenging times for recruitment, we turned to you on the recommendation of a colleague... and we will continue to recommend you. Best wishes to you.

Laurence S. - 19/07/2022

Top-noch support

Top-notch support. Thanks again to Mrs. Auguste for her professionalism.

Charles B. - 14/07/2022

Responsive and attentive

Very professional, responsive, and attentive.

Annelou B. - 29/05/2022

So much time saved for us operators

Efficiency, responsiveness, good understanding of the need and the match between profile and candidate position. Thank you, Armelle AUGUSTE. So much time saved for us operators and limited risk! Looking forward to more. I highly recommend.

Valérie LB. - 18/05/2022

Effective and fast

Effective and fast collaboration.

Yves R. - 25/03/2022

Nothing to say, fast and efficient

Service okay, nothing to say, fast and efficient. I will go through Armelle Auguste for future recruitments.

Stéphane R. - 22/03/2022

Efficiency and kindness

Madame AUGUSTE truly listens. Professionalism, efficiency, and kindness. I wholeheartedly recommend.

Franck G. - 14/03/2022

Assured professionalism

Assured professionalism. Very good contact and follow-up throughout the recruitment process.

Mickaël L. - 21/02/2022

very professional and efficient

Very professional and efficient service and support!

Laure L.A. - 17/03/2022

My first experience with a recruitment agency

My first experience with a recruitment agency: I highly recommend Armelle Auguste!!! Hyper-reactive, professional, and very attentive, she was able to propose profiles that matched our requests, despite a challenging health situation: Bravo! Now, the task is to integrate the new candidates in a few days!

Martial F. - 01/01/2022

Professionalism and efficiency

A very responsive recruitment agency with a contact person, Armelle Auguste, who takes the time to clearly define your needs. The responses and therefore the proposed applications are in line with your expectations and in a very reasonable timeframe. I recommend this agency for its professionalism and efficiency.

Richard B. - 17/11/2021

Serious recruitment agency

Serious recruitment agency. We are very satisfied with the service and the result. Good follow-up and communication throughout the contract..

Les Roches - 07/10/2021

Speed and efficiency

Very professional, fast, and efficient.

Julien D. - 10/05/2021

Structure and rigour

A team that listens. A structured and rigorous recruitment and integration process. A reassuring and effective support methodology.

B. S. - 16/02/2021

Excellent contact

Excellent contact, available and very professional, I recommend.

Jacques B. - 16/02/2021

Very good profiles!

Our contact was very responsive in addressing our request and presenting the first candidates. Out of 4 candidates presented, 3 were selected or in the process of further assessment. Very good ratio! We recommend. Restalliance

Sandy G. - 28/11/2020

Expertise and professionalism at the service of the best

A recruitment agency led by Mrs. Armelle Auguste. A quality performer who works discreetly. Expertise and professionalism at the service of the best.

Jocelyne C. - 11/11/2020

Serious and good communication

Very serious person. Very good exchanges with trust. I recommend without a doubt.

Carmen P. - 15/11/2020


Super urgent recruitment service! I recommend.

Pauline L. - 14/10/2020